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The fleeting time chased me, as I chased my goal & stopped at once to see,I had left my soul :Preety

I wrote these lines of verses when I was in teens. As a girl with full of life, zest, and various interests, like theater , poetry, books, adventure, … and most importantly music! These were shades of my life and I lived every moment painting with happiness and joy. But little did I realise then, these lines of my own poetry would turn so true that I would forget my own self and my life would appear like a faded canvas. Many women of whom I met in the journey of my life, relate to this. Amidst the rush, to stand firmly in life, we forget living for ourselves. I have come across a new mother giving up dancing because she was busy nursing her baby, A national level athlete giving upon her dreams to save her job. Although its more often with a girl who lives fulfilling expectations of others, of a family. Much later I realised that Men too stand in parallel podium of sacrifices, for they too have their share of regrets and unfulfilled dreams.

But what if someone in the world wakes you up from an exhaustingly mundane life? What if someone, instill hope that you can still pursue your passion. What if someone from a group readily agrees to mentor you and tells you that you are near to being good in learning a skill!... what if…..? what if…? Well! these “ifs” are what keep you going. You uplift your hope in order to give another chance to be yourself and pursue things that you had given up unwillingly ages ago! My love for music! With no second thought I grabbed this wonderful instrument, although clueless as how am I to start. But there goes a saying when your thoughts to learn are stronger, help leaps for you. All you need to do is just hold to that help coming and you will slowly learn to walk in that guided path.

Now that’s exactly what I mean when I write about “Harp Brothers “.

3 years ago, when I decided to embrace this lovely art piece the whole world of Harmonica lit up in front of me as if a beautiful dream got its wings. I joined Women’s group and received lots of guidance from some of the renowned female players. But I was hungry to learn more, so I started to look for people who would guide me with basics. Since I had learnt a bit of vocal from a traditional guru, I knew that jumping to play a song must not be your only goal. One should strengthen the basics so much so that nothing can shake your performance. Bumping into Harp Brother group, was my fortune, initiated by Mr. Rohit Sahay, He provides a platform, a world where the genuine seekers can come and dive into knowledge of harmonica as deep as they desired. I first saw the tutorials on Youtube and was amazed at such thoughts and clarity. The tutorials had everything I needed, the basic, Alankars, techniques, the lay out of the instrument, scales, and the notations for song and many more. What I was more impressed was that the noted Guide Guru, Sukanta Ghoshal who thoroughly guided in most of the tutorials was made available to teach us upfront.

And I didn’t think twice 😊 to board this train driven by Rohit Sahay with several bogies of learner’s needs. Harp brother Extended is the first bogie where wonderful mentors like Manas Patniak and Mr. Shaw you get clarity on basics. Then next bogie, HBA (the Academy) leads you to the Guide Guru Sukanta sir himself who will guide on another level. Then, In Harp plus HBP you can treat yourself to the renditions of several players. And finally a bogie called , Harmony Yard, a place that lets you fulfill the need of buying instruments and other harmonica related needs. Now, who doesn’t want to have this wonderful journey in Harmonica with such well organised groups? Well.. I am already undertaking one such journey and hope to travel far very soon!!....

So Guyz When are you getting your tickets? Travelling together would be fun right? Its also repainting your life again, yes! an old painting but on new canvas and fresh paints!... Hop in…!

Preety Padi

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