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Music, a gesture of Father's love : By Mayur Gogia (Musical Journey Contest)

A father's love is forever imprinted on his child's heart - Jennifer Williamson.

One gesture of my Dad's love is music. I never thought twice to dedicate this write-up to my father, as I got chance to pen down my trek with musical notes. You know, those 12 notes. But I will not begin before paying gratitude to all I know in harmonica fraternity to be an ideal, a mentor, a companion in my journey.

An inquisitive corner always exists deep inside, that pushes a person to heights where everyone around looks up with admiration and respect. Music was sown gently like a seed in that porous corner in me by Dad. From late 80's, I always remember Dad playing the harmonica anthem of us Indians, 'Hai Apna Dil To.. ' and 'We shall overcome..' on his Hero and evenings practicing saptaks on Hawaiian Guitar along with melodies he learned. On my 16th birthday, Dad gifted a Tower Harmonica that became my new buddy and I know would stay with me for rest of life. Childhood back in 90's isn't unknown of dark nights and bright sky. Terrace of the single-story house became my practice studio where I used to lie down on a traditional charpoy sharing all the feelings with my music mate, my Tower Harmonica.

Then came a day when nature rifted everybody's heart in the family. On a bright morning of August, everything was gloomy, when Dad left us alone in this world. The seed had germinated, but did not have enough to prosper. Liabilities spread their branches above holding back the light vital for the growth to become a tree. My harmonica took a backseat.

October of 2013 marked a new day, as announcement about a national convention of harmonica enthusiasts visiting Delhi was made. My eyes sparkled, and I could feel the smile on my face as if a glowing flower blossomed on a branch of the withered tree and leaves of hope became bright green ready to nourish the inquisitive corner where roots were caught, drenched in clay of duties. Heat of love in melodic music would evaporate excess water rotting the roots from the soil and that happened in Delhi meet of 2013 where I played first time on stage for my 4 months old son, "The Jungle Book" title song. I met legends, found mentors and made friends. It was a feeling out of this world. A chance to attend more annual harmonica meets well fertilized the ferns and provisioned the essential support system.

Since then, there was no looking back. Seed is a tree now with branches extending to carry ripe fruits and bright flowers. I now have a YouTube channel streaming few videos. My closet now has different harmonicas, a small piano, flutes, Morchang, melodica, cajon, shakers, ukulele and many more that I often practice with. Cycle of nature has started another round. Another seed has budded. Career is a different path but I pray to the Almighty that my son Chaitanya becomes a wonderful performer and entertainer always keeping his hopes high and dreams alive.

With Love,

Mayur Gogia

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