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Passion With Profession - Musical journey of Musical Dr. (Retikesh Mali) (Musical Journey Contest)

Hello Breathmusicians

Myself Retikesh Mali and I am known by my handle @Musical DR. I am Perusing final MBBS from Amravati Maharashtra ..

My harmonica Journey is little different

Before that my musical journey started in childhood when I gave some exams of Indian classical music then due to studies i left music for some years

My Harmonica journey starts here

I was in Kota for preparation of My medical entrance in start i was doing very well in studies but suddenly some months before the exam I got severely affected by dengue in Kota .. I did not tell to my parents as they would have called me home and my studies would be affected .. .. i was recovering from dengue and was very depressed .. due to weakness I was unable to focus and even sit on a same place for sometime . . One day I was scrolling YouTube and I saw Sholay clip of Amitabh playing harmonica .. then I searched internet and Purchased my first Harmonica Tower ... Then i applied my musical knowledge and started experimenting harmonica .i got added into harmonica lovers group where Rohit sir and Mr. Rajesh was helping newbies .. Rohit Sahay sirs YouTube videos helped me .. then from that I came Into a wonderful group called HARP BROTHERS .. harp brother played a very important role in my harmonica playing as well as my personal life .. Rohit sir is like a big brother to me my preparation days when I used to feel low .. Manas pattnaik sir gave me emotional support and he motivated me a lot ...

I got a beautiful circle of friends like Priyanshu , Swapnil Chavan da , Pradeep ji ,Praveen ji , Nishikant sir , Ashutosh patil sir. ..

And a Guidance of Shri Sukanta Ghoshal sir ..

Then finally after sometime I cracked NEET and Got admission into Medical college of Amravati .... interesting story to know here as I shared this in group .. I got a call from Ashutosh Patil sir from Amravati .. that baccha ..i stay in Amravati you don't worry , come along and you will face no problems here ..

Due His love and care i never felt lonely in the new city I met a full charming personality here Mr. Devendra Gupta ...

I kept exploring harmonica... Harp Brothers competitions played important role in this ..

Then after some years of practice my perfection in harmonica playing increased .. and I started teaching harmonica to some friends .. as my father is teacher ..teaching is in my genes and I have seen Rohit sir in His videos how perfectly he explains the concept ..

I was able to manage my own expenses . And i bought speaker and Harmonicas on my own earning it was indeed a positive feeling for me ..

In my third year i was suffering from lots of issues sister passed away.. then music and harmonica family helped me to recover from this then my mother had health issues .. i was able to treat her because of the fees i used to get from students..

Now I am in final year and I have fully focused on studies .. I have stopped taking classes and other social musical activities ... But in breaks i practice harmonica for inner peace .

Lastly I want to thanks Harp Brothers and All my Harmonic friends for giving me a different life

Thank you

Retikesh V Mali

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