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Learning harmonica was a dream By : Vinoy Krishna

Learning harmonica was a dream that started as a kid after I had watched a Sunday serial, where a kidnapped kid keeps playing this pocket wonder until his friend passing nearby recognises the tune and uses the cue to guide police to rescue the kid.

The fascination for learning this wonderful instrument however dissipated gradually for the lack of any inspiring player nearby and then, also because of the typical middle class upbringing of forcing the children to concentrate on studies over the hobbies like these

The Melodious tune played by Sholay's main protagonist Jai (Amitabh Bachchan) too has been a great ambassador of harmonica amongst Indian youth.


The Melodious tune played by Sholay's main protagonist Jai(Amitabh Bachchan) too has been a great ambassador of harmonica amongst Indian youth.

Time passed by and harmonica remained an unfulfilled dream much to my adulthood. The YouTube used to provide occasional stress busting through the uploaded renditions by various players. It used to keep the spark of picking this device up alive in me, except for the lack of a Guru. They say the entire cosmos conspires when you have intent desire. Once one such YouTube video led me to a WhatsApp group and in no time I was a member of one of the most glorified team of the world working brotherly towards a common goal. To help each other learn harmonica from the basic most, blow and draw exercises to the sophisticated most of the nuances means this is one stop solution for all of the harmonica lovers. We ultimately named it Harp Brothers. My journey that started with the 24 holes Tower harmonica moved on to the costlier versions of Hohner, Suzuki etc. The cost used to burn holes in the pocket but then it's all fair in love and war they say. The love for Harmonica justified it all. It all was going smooth until once my Hohner device dropped and its wooden comb inside got cracked. The lower octave Sa, Re Ga Ma were no more their usual notes. It pinched hard.Since then the device is nothing more than a paper weight.

Offlate I have realised the problems of procuring devices at right rate and of original quality is one of the biggest impediment for the Harmonica lovers. Some manage to get the repair done, but most, like me feel like it's a lost game. Busy life and no one stop site/shop catering to everything about harmonica makes most of us either waste too much time hunting for such places or wait until we can afford a new device altogether.

But then, I got fortunate again. Harmony Yard is the site we all have been looking for. One of its kind, this website would ensure not only the best discounted rates for new devices but every little parts from smallest of the screws to the comb or cover of the Harmonica. Harmony Yard I am confident would give hope to many to invest in costly instruments without fear, as any little damages in their devices would not mean replacing the device but get it serviced and start playing again.

I have all the reasons in the world to wish Harmony Yard a great success, and hope it becomes a true sentinel of the spirit that this Orchestra in the pocket represents.

Remember the name Harmony Yard.

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