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My Harmonica Journey : By Srikumar Mitra

Hi friends, in the final year of my graduation, I decided to step into the world of music, and decided to go for harmonica, as this musical instrument felt easier to learn. I found myself a Guruji from recommendations in Orkut, as back in those days, internet access was very difficult and we had no smartphones or Facebook. My journey with Harmonica started way back in 2007, and soon I understood pretty well, that learning Harmonica was well beyond playing little gigs on my Tower chromatic harmonica. A Hohner super chromonica costed nearly 4k INR those days, well beyond the reach of a college student, and we had no access to lower budget harmonicas except Tower. So, after series of bargaining sessions, my mother promised me to buy me a Hohner model, only if I could perform a song of my choice in public, with tabla and keyboard accompaniment. And the performance had to be clean and appreciated by the audience. I asked my Guruji, and he gave me the notation of a very easy Rabindra Sangeet.

I performed it on a small stage in my locality at a function held during Diwali, with tabla and a guitar as accompaniment. The performance was neat, but not upto the mark as per my standards, thanx to typical stage freight, but my mother seemed very happy with my performance, and the next day I got my 1st Hohner super chromonica in C scale. But my tryst with the diatonic harmonica began after I purchased my 1st diatonic, a Suzuki Manji in C scale from, and now I have stepped into the world of blues as well, hope to be able to get a grip on it in the coming days.

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