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My Bumpy Ride in Harmonica Learning By : Sushil Singh

Did you ever think how the journey of a person would be who wants to learn a musical instrument without knowing where and how to start?

In this blog I want to share my journey in learning this beautiful instrument called Harmonica also know are Mouth Organ. But for god sake don’t call it harmonium, its harmonica.

My name is Sushil Singh and I live in one of the biggest and fastest growing cities in India called Hyderabad in the southern state of Telangana. It was in early 2018, while watching random YouTube videos on my mobile, I came across a Harmonica video, it blew me off my feet. I fell in love with this instrument, the reason being its small size which makes it easy to carry, practice andplay anywhere. Little did I knew about the hardships I have to face.

What is the first thing you need when you want to learn a musical instrument, well its not the teacher, its not the lesson, you need the instrument itself.

Everyone is aware of the online shopping portal suggestion we get based on our browsing history. I got an advertisement of a harmonica online just for RS. 400, without thinking I ordered it, it arrived, and I started searching video online to learn it. I was directionless but I was moving ahead, that’s when I came across Harp Brothers and my true learning started here.

I learnt about the various harmonica models and by this time it was August of 2018, I decided to buy a proper professional harmonica and learn from it. To my surprise and I am sure it will surprise everyone that not a single musical store in my city had harmonicas, reasons not many play it here. I got to know that Singapore has lot of harmonica clubs and one of my office colleague was going to Singapore to visit his sister, I purchased my first Hohner Chromonica 270 through him and was ecstatic to learn from it. After few months of playing it developed a very minor issue for which it needed to be sent to Delhi for repair. Phew this is really tiring. My learning continued and with the blessings of my teacher and very good co-harmonica learners I practice and now I play few songs on my own. But every now and then I require new products in my learning, I need a notes stand to read my notations, I need a basic harmonica repair kit so that I can clean and maintain my harmonicas, I need mic and splitter pin to record my song and I am sure in future I will need many other things.

Please observe I have used ‘I’ many times above, but it is a problem faced by all harmonica lovers, which needs a solution.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there is one platform where a harmonica lover gets solution to all his queries? One place where he can buy genuine products with ease, one place where he can get the smallest part like the screw or a wind saver of a harmonica. It will be a real blessing. This platform should not be limited to only few products and should keep expanding its product base based on the requirement of harmonica players.

Hope this wish turns into a reality soon.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa

Sushil Singh

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