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Harmonica Journey of Harsh Malhotra

Hello friends, when I was in 7th standard my father purchased a Diatonic harmonica just for musical instrument collection purpose then on the very first day I took up that diatonic harmonica and sat in front of my keyboard then I tried to play sholay tune on keyboard then I put harmonica on my mouth and started playing from left to right and right to left then I realised that the in the left side the pitch of harmonica is lower then on a next day I have taken a layout of notation of diatonic harmonica from internet because I knew the theory of music so I tried to play single note by covering the left and right hole of harmonica with my thumb and playing in the center hole then by doing so much of practice I learnt lip pursing technique then I purchased my first tower chromatic harmonica and started learning from youtube.

After two months I was able to Play some songs then one day I was watching Rohit sir's video then I knew about best harmonica group Harp Brothers

Then I commented on that video and requested him for adding me in group by chance it was luck of mine and greatness of Rohit sir that he replied on that comment and added me in harp brothers group then I introduced my self to the group members and I found many honorable people in group then I purchased my first 12 hole swan chromatic harmonica in the guidence of Rohit sir and Rohit sir also said me to learn from one of the best harmonica teacher shri Sukanta Ghoshal sir then I started learning from him then I started playing in Facebook competitions.but I am still learning and I feel a pleasure to be the part of this harmonica world.

This was my small Harmonica journey.

Thank you

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