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OLIVE HARMONICA – Ease of playing harmonica is strongly influenced by its airtightness. Olive’s tight seal between component parts makes respond quickly, and gives sensitive tone and bending control.COVERPLATES – The coverplates have a vivid green Olive hue, achieved in a special high-tech process without any coloring material for lasting durability and clear tone.WOOD-RESIN COMB – Wood-resin composite body. This material is composed of over 50% wood fibers encased in impermeable resin, which allows the player to enjoy the tone of a traditional wooden harmonicaKEY C, 10 HOLES – This is a key D harmonica with 10 holes. It indicates that “D” is the major scale played on this harmonica.Colour- Multi-colouredBrand- SuzukiInstrument Key- CHole - 10 Holes

Suzuki Olive 10 hole (C-20)

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