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Fool Harmonica player to Cool Harmonica Learner : Pradeep Pokhriyal

The wonder instrument Harmonica is a fascinating instrument that many love and wonder how this small instument produces so many different melodies. 

We all grew up watching harmonica being played in many movies by various actors,  few in top of my mind are, Amitabh in Sholay, Shammi Kapoor in Kashmir ki kali, Dharmendra , Johney Walker.

I bought Hero Harmonica in my early 20s but couldnt learn due to reasons like I didn't know how to hold the Harmonica, how to handle it, and ultimately it was locked in a steel suitcase.

After 15 years, while cleaning the house my 5 years old son found it and asked about it curiously. I played a tune for him and it brought back my old desire to learn it. I surfed the internet, youtube and found many fantastic players, their renditions and teachings. I was amazed to see that people teach it like any other normal musical instrument. I was fascinated to see different type of Harmonicas available in Market but the cost of a tiny professional Harmonica was tough on the pocket.

After a week of research in layed my hand on a Tower Chromatic harmonic and I was the fortunate to find #HarpBrothers group and HB Academy to learn in a proper way. Earlier I used to play few fumbled tunes and use to impress my friends and collegues as a Fool Player but when I joined HBA, my actual learning journey started and I became a Cool player from a fool player.

Buying expensive harmonicas like, CX 12, SCX series, Hohner 270 and deluxe which cost around 15-16000 make the pocket dry, but these are good instruments to learn from.

I used to think why our Indian companies can't produce or some one step forward for the betterment of Harmonicas players and provide this lovely instrument at competetive prices. Harmonicas which costs 15000 are also available in 12000 in India. is the only site which gives the immense satisfaction to the customer by giving same product in almost 25% percent less price to the Aam Admi. 

In my journey I learnt that a player needs to upgrade his harmonica constantly due to over valued product he sticks to low quality harmonicas. 

Harmony.yaard provides proper instrument with lot of options and its value for money. 

People love harmonica,”. “The Harmonica is the most voice-like instrument,  you can make it wail, feel happy, or cry. It's like singing the blues without words.”

The power of Harmonica concludes in the fact that "Harmonica is a complete instrument,  a complete Orchestra in your Pocket"

Jai Hind, Jai Harmonica, Jai Harmony, Jai Harp Brothers

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